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Production audio equipment package is kept up-to-date with new gadgets and tools to help maximize my efficiency and capability on location. Such as;

• Compact transmitters with internal recording capabilities to ensure the dialogue is recorded where the sound mixer can't be present

• Stereo microphones for ambience recording

• Microphones and stands for instrument and vocal recording.


Post-production setup includes the latest Pro Tools Ultimate and an acoustically treated room. My experience in post production audio ranges from sound designing for picture to audio restoration services. 


• Dialogue Editing

• Audio Restoration

• SFX Editing & Design

• Audio Localization



Zaxcom Nova 16-track Mixer Recorder

Wireless (up to 8x lavs)

Zaxcom MRX 414 and 214 Receivers 

Zaxcom QRX 235 4-channel receiver

Zaxcom TRXLA3.5 transmitters

Zaxcom ZMT3.5 transmitter

Zaxcom ZMT4.5 transmitter 


Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mics (x6) *color options

DPA 4060 Lavalier Lavalier Mics (x3)

DPA 4063 High SPL Lavalier Mics (x3) *color options

Schoeps CMC 641 Shotgun Microphone Pair

Sennheiser MKH 60 Shotgun Microphone

DPA 4017 Shotgun Microphone

Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone

Shure SM57, SM58, SM7B Vocal Mic


Betso WTSC-1 Timecode Slate

Betso TCX-2+ Timecode Transceivers (x3) (Lockit Box)

Zaxcom CL4 Camera Link TX (Broadcast quality audio feed)

Zaxcom ERX3TCD IFB receiver

Zaxcom ERX3TCD Lockit Box/Camera Hop

Zaxcom URX50 IFB receivers (high quality IFB audio)

Sennheiser G3 Wireless Receivers&Transmitters

Zaxcom BlueFin2 UHF Antennas

Betso Bowties UHF Antennas


Ambient QP580 12’ Carbon Fiber Boompole

SoundCart MiniCart  

Orca Or-48 Sound Cart

Utility Sound Cart 


Pro Tools 2022.1 Ultimate

Avid HD Omni

ART Pro Tube Preamps 

Izotope RX 9 Advanced, Waves Plugins, Altiverb XL

Up-to-Date Sound Libraries

2.1 Genelec Monitors 

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